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Trainer Workout and Never Fail Recipe

January 19, 2010

I recently joined the Boston Sports Club, and tonight I had my fitness consultation with a trainer, Jenna. It wasn’t the fitness consultation I expected (with weighing in and measuring body fat, etc.) but Jenna was great at showing me some new exercises. My gym routine is verrrry simple. I run on the treadmill, I do bicep curls with 5 lb weights, and I do crunches. Not only has the routine gotten boring, but I feel like I am not getting in shape like I should. Jenna showed me some new arm exercises (the plank, chest pressed on a big ball, and shoulder presses while stepping up onto a tall step, to name a few). She also showed me how to do crunches on a workout ball; I never realized how much harder they are than normal crunches! It was great to be with someone who could show me some new tricks.

I have never been great at setting myself fitness goals (besides weight loss) so this year I have decided that I really want to get into shape. I’ve never been good at pushing myself, and now I want to learn how. My first goal: run 3 miles straight. The most I’ve ever run at once is a little over 2 miles, and I would really like to be able to run 3 and compete in a 5k either this spring or next fall. I feel like this goal will push me to really train and get in shape, and not just go to the gym just to, well, “go to the gym”. I will work on setting up a way to track my progress, so you all can see how I’m doing. Do you have any fitness goals for 2010?


Tonight, amidst my spontaneous decision to paint our bedroom (with a chocolate brown accent wall), I had to make dinner!  I have only two or three never-fail recipes, which can also please a hungry man’s stomach. When I lived alone I ate much more simply (and much less meat!) but now that I live with Z I find myself making much more elaborate dinners every night, in conjunction with three times as much food! Does anyone else find that, living with a significant other, you have to buy not just double, but three times as many groceries? Today I made a recipe that would normally last me 3 – 4 days, and it barely lasted one! This is always a crowd pleaser, and so simple even I can’t mess it up 🙂

Spicy Turkey Burgers (adapted from 30 Minute Meals, though not the Rachel Ray one!)

Mix 1 lb ground turkey with 1 finely chopped onion, 4 T cilantro, 1/4 t cayanne pepper, salt, pepper, and one egg. Mush together into pattys and put in the fridge for 20 minutes to set.

Fry them in a frying pan or on a George Forman until they are cooked through. Serve with whatever you like! Tonight we ate them with sliced tomatos, avocado, and I made a mixture of ketchup and tobasco sauce that was a great yumventure. When in doubt, add something spicy!! Mexican flavors go well with cilantro.

I served mine on a piece of GF bread and some beans and baby carrots on the side. I love the fresh, clean flavors, and the low fat content in the ground turkey. Z ate 2 of them, and could have had a 3rd! He had a grapefruit instead 🙂

P.S. I must learn to take prettier pictures. This tasted better than it looks!

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  1. January 20, 2010 1:32 pm

    I only feed myself right now, but a move in with the bf (a meat eater, though I’m not) is on the horizon and I bet the same thing will happen to me–groceries will triple! He’s a hungry guy and most likely I will want to eat slighly differently from him. Oh well…

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