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Dining Out

January 20, 2010

Today was my first official run day at the gym, and I decided to try an interval run. The one I chose was 30 minutes of running at speeds fluxuating between 6.0 and 7.0. Considering I usually run at about 5 .8 to 6.0, this was a huge self challenge! And it kicked my butt!

The 5 minute warm up at 5.5 was like my usual “run” (which I now know is really a jog) and got me energized. I actually ran at a 7.0 for the first time!! Then, at minute 18, 1.84 miles into the workout, butt was officially kicked. I slowed down to a 4.0 fast walk for 2 minutes, thinking I would be able to jump back into it after a little rest, but 2 minutes at 6.0  and then 6.5, I knew I had to stop. I was imagining my legs buckling under me and flying across the cardio area, crashing into the very large guy on the elliptical behind me. I ended up walking until minute 25, 2.34 miles total. I was disappointed that I didn’t complete my first run challenge workout, but when I realized how much I was sweating, I knew I had pushed myself. Which is part of my 3 mile goal as well 🙂

Z got a great grade on one of his final exams from last semester, so we decided to get sushi to celebrate! We went down the street to Fish Market on Brighton Avenue. There were only 2 other tables with people, but considering the place only has 3 tables and 6 – 8 seats around the sushi bar, it was a busy night for them 🙂 We ordered 2 salmon cucumber rolls, 2 yellowtail cucumber rolls, and 2 spicy tuna.

Sushi is one of my all-time favorite foods, and this fish was excellent quality. I especially loved the spicy tuna:

So pretty! Some places fill the tuna up with gobs of the spicy mayo which, while delicious, completly erases any tuna flavor. At Fish Market, they put just the right amount of mayo down the side of the roll, and the tuna was only lightly spiced, making each bite a new discovery for your tastebuds! Tuna, then spice, then the coolness of cucumber — yum! I usually order more exotic things when I eat sushi (a few months ago I tried sea urchin for the first time! Yumventure indeed!) but for a cheap, quick sushi meal this was just great.

FYI to all the sushi fans out there – Fish Market does not have their liquor license yet, so no sake or Japanese beer 😦 They do, however, offer some delicious looking red bean ice cream, which I will definitely have to try next time.

I finally finished painting our bedroom accent wall, hoorah! Now I just have to put the decorations back up 🙂


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