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Yumventures in…Japanese Jello?

January 21, 2010

I told you I like to try new things, right?

My boss just got back from a 3 week trip to Malasia and brought back some cool goodies. A lot of them had gluten in them (including a very tasty looking Pineapple Cake), but one that I could venture into was what he called “Japanese Jello”: Konjac Coconut Jelly.

I am not a fan of jello, unless it has the word “shot” after it, but I figured “Hey, when am I ever going to try this again?”. The jellys came individually packaged in a variety of (familiar) flavors. I chose to go with pineapple, since I missed out on the cake.

The packaging was cute and convenient, and I could imagine Japanese mothers getting these for their kids to go to school. Except, the jelly came with these warnings:

My favorite is “Do not eat while performing any physical activity”. I can imagine commercials like U.S. commercials for sleep aids: do not operate heavy machinery while consuming Konjac Coconut Jelly. I’m surprised they didn’t have “Not suitable for children aged 10 and under” on the label. Or “May cause drowsiness”, perhaps.

So, I tried Japanese jello for the first time. And it was weird.

Warning number 1 on the package is completly correct, it is like regular jello, but super thick and way less mushy. There is also a hard piece of fruit in the center of each one, which didn’t taste like fruit, but like even harder and thicker jello. They were also super-sweet, and kind of like a pineapple life saver. I think it would have been better cold, but they don’t necessarily need to be refridgerated (which makes me wonder, how do they keep the extra-thick consistancy?). I brought one home for Z, and he told me he thought it is what silicone would taste like. Oh, boys.

I probably wouldn’t eat another one, so I have to pawn off the rest of the bag on fellow HMS staffers. But I’m glad I tried it! It is was a yumventure that I probably would never have had, unless I went to Japan. Which would be cool too 🙂

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  1. August 21, 2010 5:11 pm

    Its funny.. I was googling aroung for “Japanese kid products” because I wanted to do a little online shopping. Well, I ran into your site and I know exactly what these are. I have been to Japan before and yes, they are all over but they sell them here in the US as well. They are much better refridgerated! They usually come in a large plastic piggy bank thing shaped like a teddy bear or hello kitty.. or some other character. In any asian market you can find them! Konjac indeed is not like any other jello. Actually, it is a natural gelatinous fiber made by a root. It swells up in your belly and is calorie free so it is a very popular diet supplement. But it is chewy and just about flavourless so it makes for a good snack . Some Taiwanese tea shops will use it instead of boba in drinks, hot or cold. Its good!
    Now I am off to snoop around the rest of your blog!

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