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Workin for the Weekend

February 19, 2010

I am super excited about this weekend! Every year four of my best girlfriends from college get together in Boston for a reunion. This year, I just happen to live in Boston 🙂 We have lots of fun planned, especially since one of us is turning 25 on Tuesday!

My weekend is kicking off early I won’t be making a delicious dinner, plus Z probably couldn’t stomach some recipe awesomeness. So I thought I would leave you with a few reviews from the past couple of weeks.

Z and I don’t eat a lot of takeout, but occasionally when we are running around all week we will opt for some local fair on a Friday or Saturday night. We have recently tried out two places that we love:

S&I To Go

S&I is a great little Thai take out place. You can eat in too, but there are only 3 tables in the restaurant. Their food is fresh and delicious; I’ve had some greasy pad thai before, but theirs is great! They have a lot of unique, more homestyle Thai dishes which are a real treat, there are so many things on the menu I want to try!

They also have an amazing dinner deal that you can’t beat: for $8 you can get an app of your choice (chicken wings, spring rolls, etc), a soup, and an entree (from a wide selection, complete with noodles, curry, and vegetarian options!)!! I have always hated that a lot of restaurants only have lunch combo deals, so S&I gets a million extra points in my book for offering such a cheap 3 course meal! Plus there is no time cut off, so it doesn’t matter when you are hungry for some good Thai eats.

Z and I have ordered from S&I a number of times, but last week we ate in at the restaurant after a hard and tiring Saturday night workout.

I got the red curry with rice noodles. It was delicious! There was the perfect amount of spice, and the veggies were nice and crispy. I loved the option of having rice noodles instead of regular rice, it made a nice twist on one of my favorite Thai dishes. Plus I didn’t feel like I was missing out by not getting the pad thai.

Z got a cashew chicken dish with egg noodles (I just looked at the menu and could not figure out exactly which dish it was! Blogger fail!)

He loved this meal. It was flavorful and spicy. We both also got appetizers (I had the chicken wings and he had crab rangoon, blogger fail x2 for no pictures!) that were equally as delicious.  I highly recommend this place for anyone in the Allston area!


Habanero is a tiny little Mexican grill on Brighton Avenue in Allston (just down the street from S&I!). The place can be easy to walk by, since it looks like any other hole in the wall joint. But don’t walk by, go in!! We ordered from there a few weeks ago on a random weeknight.

I always find there is something special about Mexican places that make incredibly fresh and authentic food. Back when I lived in Brooklyn there was a taco cart run by a Mexican family that moved around the neighborhood. Their meat was tender, their herbs were fresh, it wasn’t Mexican food of the Tex-Mex variety but what I could have found on the streets of Acapulco. Habanero is the same idea. Yes, they offer fully loaded nachos (without meat, but with all the fixens just $4!) and some hefty burritos, but they have delights for the true foodie as well.

One of my favorite aspects is that they make their own corn tortillas, called pupasas ($3 each). You can order the pre-stuffed variety (made with beans and cheese within the corn goodness) or a plain one, cut open and filled to the brim like a taco. These pupases are the stuff of dreams. I ordered on of the bean and cheese ones.

Mmmm cheesy, beany goodness. Could I ask for more?!

Z and I shared some “plain nachos” ($4).

These are listed on the menu as “plain nachos”? PLAIN?! I have never seen so many delicious, fresh toppings! Their guacamole is decadent, as are their 2 varieties of salsa. This could have been my meal by itself!

Not realizing that “plain nachos” are actually a huge pile of heaven, I had also ordered 3 tacos ($2 each):

Holy taco! These were amazing! The tortillas were freshly grilled, and can you see all of those veggies?! I love how they make them to order and will put whatever you want on them. By the end of this meal I was definitely stuffed (aka couldn’t even finish!), but I didn’t feel heavy and greasy like I often do with Mexican food. I believe this is a quality place, for both the ingredients and the prices!


Weekly Recap:

Meal Plan Game Plan: This week was such an off week. A long weekend, an event on Wednesday, and I’m away from the kitchen this weekend! I didn’t plan any extravagant meals for this reason, but we still ended up spending more money than expected on just the basics. Next week its back to the plan!

Core Challenge: I have been doing the sparkpeople core workout for a week now. I feel like my abs are getting a little work, but not much more than my usual crunches. The scissor crunches are definitely the hardest ones! I think I might continue to do this program but up the reps  — right now its 10 each, but I might jump it to 15. I only add 5 or so seconds to my plank. Hopefully next week will be better! If anyone has any new core moves to suggest, let me know 🙂

I hope you all have fun weekend plans! I won’t be posting tomorrow, but am excited to have a very special guest post instead, with some fabulous new recipes!

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  1. February 20, 2010 10:54 am

    I went to Boston College and am sorry to say I never tried any of those restaurants! Maybe I’m too old? I graduated in ’05 and moved away immediately afterward. I do have fond memories of Anna’s Taqueria though…

  2. February 20, 2010 3:14 pm

    I love finding out about new Boston restaurants! Have fun this weekend :).

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